Steamyfy Erotic Audio Collection


Steamyfy Erotic Audio Collection


A collection of 20 (+ 5 Bonus!) Erotic Audio Stories narrated by talented voice artists (male and female) from around the world. Stories range from sex sessions with naughty doctors to BDSM themes to sex in public places. Turn up the heat, this might just be what your relationship needs!


Guaranteed Safe Checkout, Discreet Billing

List of Stories:

  1. Bar Encounter: #BDSM
  2. Call of Duty Sex: #SweetSex
  3. Crossing the line with a friend: #JealousySex
  4. From Best Friends to Much More: #SweetSex
  5. Fucking My Boss’ Son: #Forbidden
  6. Fucking the Gardener: #AgeDifference
  7. Getting over the Break Up: #SexTherapy
  8. Greatest Sex Appeal: #SexInTheOffice
  9. Happy Birthday: #Threesome
  10. My Girlfriend Renee: #LoveMaking
  11. My Spa Experience: #FuckingTheMasseur
  12. One Last Time on Wedding Day: #OldFlame
  13. Pole Dancer: #Lesbians
  14. Ravenous Sex: #PureLust
  15. Sex In Public: #OrgasmInRestaurant
  16. Sex In The Car: #FirstDate
  17. Sex On the Beach: #SkinnyDipping
  18. Sex Therapist: #NaughtyTherapist
  19. Sex With My Best Friend’s Sister: #Forbidden
  20. Sex with Neighbor: #Fantasy


  1. Sex with the Babysitter: #CuteSex
  2. Sex with The Landlord: #Passion
  3. Sex Machine: #OralSex
  4. Visiting the Ob/Gyn: #NaughtyDoctor
  5. Work From Home: #SexDuringLiveMeeting


91 reviews for Steamyfy Erotic Audio Collection

  1. Camilla289

    Love the variety. Good thing is the duration, since these stories are short, I feel aroused right away.

  2. Peace

    Love the content. Worth every penny!

  3. Anonymous

    I listened to these during my train commute yesterday and oh my God!

  4. Donna

    These are good. Giving 4 stars because I need more variety eg: cheating sex, more graphic BDSM themes etc.

  5. Angela H

    blown away by the quality of the content. The voices are sultry and seductive, and the stories are incredibly well-written

  6. Anonymous

    I was looking for something to help me unwind after long days at work, and I stumbled upon Steamyfy. It was exactly what I needed. The stories are engaging and imaginative, and the voices are great. Love the Canadian narrator.

  7. Jack

    The stories are hot and the voices are sexy. I love it

  8. Adrienne D

    spice up your alone time

  9. D

    best audio erotica site I’ve ever found. The quality of the content is top-notch

  10. Anonymous

    It’s got everything you need to get off

  11. Phil

    Good stuff

  12. Dawn

    Actually pretty amazing.

  13. Alan

    If you’re looking for some solo fun, look no further than this audio erotica site. It’s guaranteed to get you going

  14. Mike

    It’s like having your own personal fantasy world right in your ears

  15. Robyn

    it’s the real deal

  16. Anon

    As a guy, I was a little skeptical about audio erotica at first. But this site completely changed my mind. The stories are incredibly well-written, and the voices are so sexy. I’ve been a regular listener ever since

  17. Ben

    The audio about a wife surprising her husband with a threesome for his birthday is seriously hot. The narrators know just how to bring the stories to life, and the sound quality is fantastic.

  18. Elizabeth

    The stories are addictive and the voices are incredibly alluring

  19. Barbara

    It’s the perfect way to explore your sexuality in a new way.

  20. Anonymous

    This audio erotica site is legit. The voices are so seductive, and the stories are seriously hot

  21. Anonymous

    As a guy, I wasn’t sure if audio erotica was my thing. But my girlfriend changed my mind aboutt his. The narrators are fantastic, and the content is addictive.

  22. Rosemary Seigel

    Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed

  23. Lorraine

    I’ve tried a few audio erotica sites before, but this one is by far the best.

  24. Dianne

    Good value for money since i dont have to pay for subscription every month.

  25. Kathleen

    I have moved from other subscription based platforms to Steamyfy. Stories are much better here.

  26. Vicki

    Luv this!
    Just had a great orgasm!

  27. Marie

    4 Stars because i ran out of stories and you haven’t released the next collection yet.

  28. Deb

    Enjoyed the stories on this audio erotica site but the selection could be broader

  29. Anonymous

    I like the concept of this audio erotica site, but some of the stories are a bit too short for my liking. I wish there were more longer-form options available.

  30. Val

    Since my dating life is a nightmare right now, glad Steamyfy narrators are keeping me company. 5 Stars.

  31. Anon

    Would be great to see more variety in the types of stories available

  32. Joy

    I found some of the stories to be a bit unrealistic. It would be great to see more stories that feel grounded in reality

  33. Paula

    The doctor story is fucking amazing. He nasty!

  34. Anon

    WOuld be good to see some free samples.

  35. Matilda

    Really Enjoyed.

  36. Mac

    I hve tried a few different audio erotica sites, and this one is definitely in my top two

  37. Anonymous

    The content is fantastic, and the site is easy to use.

  38. Anonymous

    Better than the other websites/apps that keep crashing and force you to buy expensive subscription. At least with this I only pay once and get to listen the stories whenever, wherever.

  39. Evie SH

    content is great, and the narrators really know how to bring the stories to life…

  40. Jess

    It took me a while to realize that not reciprocating my husband’s sexual advances was hurting our relationship. We were 2 strangers in a 1000 sqft apartment. So glad I bought Steamyfy’s collection! We listen to the stories together while cooking dinner and within just a few minutes, I feel blood rushing down there!!!

  41. Anonymous

    Like the discreet billing thing. My wife has been happier in our sex life but she doesn’t know this is my secret weapon.

  42. Anonymous

    Much better than video porn.

  43. anonymous

    Regular listener to the erotic collection for a few months now

  44. Penelope Molloy

    The quality of the content is consistently high, unlike the other sites where audio stories are just cringeworthy.

  45. Anonymous

    Whether you’re into BDSM or just looking for something vanilla, there’s something here for everyone.

  46. Aurora Mig

    Really helped with libido for my menopausal self.

  47. Ted

    Bro, the story “Sex during live meeting” is so hot!

  48. Anon

    Yes! Yes! Yessssss!

  49. Anonymous

    Good stuff. Need more

  50. Anon


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Steamyfy Erotic Audio Collection
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