Steamyfy Erotic Audio Collection


A collection of 20 (+ 5 Bonus!) Erotic Audio Stories narrated by talented voice artists (male and female) from around the world. Stories range from sex sessions with naughty doctors to BDSM themes to sex in public places. Turn up the heat, this might just be what your relationship needs!


Guaranteed Safe Checkout, Discreet Billing


List of Stories:

  1. Bar Encounter: #BDSM
  2. Call of Duty Sex: #SweetSex
  3. Crossing the line with a friend: #JealousySex
  4. From Best Friends to Much More: #SweetSex
  5. Fucking My Boss’ Son: #Forbidden
  6. Fucking the Gardener: #AgeDifference
  7. Getting over the Break Up: #SexTherapy
  8. Greatest Sex Appeal: #SexInTheOffice
  9. Happy Birthday: #Threesome
  10. My Girlfriend Renee: #LoveMaking
  11. My Spa Experience: #FuckingTheMasseur
  12. One Last Time on Wedding Day: #OldFlame
  13. Pole Dancer: #Lesbians
  14. Ravenous Sex: #PureLust
  15. Sex In Public: #OrgasmInRestaurant
  16. Sex In The Car: #FirstDate
  17. Sex On the Beach: #SkinnyDipping
  18. Sex Therapist: #NaughtyTherapist
  19. Sex With My Best Friend’s Sister: #Forbidden
  20. Sex with Neighbor: #Fantasy


  1. Sex with the Babysitter: #CuteSex
  2. Sex with The Landlord: #Passion
  3. Sex Machine: #OralSex
  4. Visiting the Ob/Gyn: #NaughtyDoctor
  5. Work From Home: #SexDuringLiveMeeting


91 reviews for Steamyfy Erotic Audio Collection

  1. Toni

    Need more stories from a positive male angle

  2. Anonymous

    My favorite audio erotica website so far.

  3. Nate

    These get me so hard and horny.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, just amazing!

  5. Charlie Sadiq

    Interesting stuff. May i say better than normal porn?

  6. AJ

    This is my de-addiction from traditional porn
    Okay, let me start off by saying that I am a man, who was addicted to watching porn. I had a hard time maintaining a normal relationship. Steamyfy’s audios have helped getting me hard and ready, without all the visual images screaming in my head, while performing. My sex life has been more fulfilling.

  7. Lori

    So Hot!!!
    There is something about listening to the stories and letting your imagination run wild. Makes me horny! Suggestion for the next collection- more lesbian stories.

  8. Cameron


  9. Carter

    The female voice artists have very seductive voices!

  10. Anonymous

    Best aphrodisiac:
    I am post menopausal and have struggled for a few years now. These stories have really helped with the mental and physical arousal. Good variety of voices and stories. My husband of 23 years couldn’t be happier!

  11. Anonymous

    Need more variety of accents, especially Indian and Italian accents. Otherwise fully satified.

  12. Anonymous

    Love Love Love every Story!
    There is depth but at the same time the naughty parts are really arousing! I literally fell all the physical sensations like tingling of nipples, moistening of pussy etc.! BTW need more stories on anal in the next collection.

  13. Glen

    Steamy Adult audio stories are my new fave thing now.

  14. Sam

    Love the accent of the British Guy!
    It’s like he is whispering naughty things into my ear

  15. Carolyn Nargeti

    Have recommended this to all my girlfriends.

  16. Michael K.

    It’s a great way to explore your sexuality in a safe and private way.

  17. Marion Dob

    Value for money.

  18. Eva1099

    A regular part of my self-care routine. The stories are so well-written and the narration is incredible

  19. Anonymous

    Just started with the first story, already feeling aroused like never before. Worth every penny.

  20. Abi Fessar

    Passionate tales

  21. Jarrod G

    A little expensive but content is top notch.

  22. Heather Sena

    Gamechanger for my marriage. Can’t believe I did not buy this sooner.

  23. Julie S

    Really great.

  24. Kelly

    After having my first baby, I felt like a stranger in my own body, I had gained a few pounds and I was concerned my boyfriend would hate seeing my stretch marks. I did not feel sexy or horny anymore. My relationship with Ed was falling apart and I was desperate to save it. I tried porn, but it was just cringy. Then, I started listening to erotic stories on Steamyfy and it was truly a gamechanger! There was something about listening to the naughty parts and imagining how I would feel if someone was doing those things to me. Just while listening to the first story, I could feel butterflies in my stomach, my breathing quicken and my nipples harden. I couldn’t wait for Ed to come home and when he did, we had the best sex ever! I did not care about my stretch marks and neither did he! I started incorporating Steamyfy into my evening routine, I listen to these while doing boring tasks around the house. My libido literally skyrockets! Now Ed gives me his 100% attention, even after so many years of being together. We got married last month! All my girlfriends get so puzzled and jealous seeing our PDA and how Ed treats me like a queen

  25. Destiny

    My husband is a happy man now. I must say this was worth the money.

  26. Jen Nguyen


  27. Cheryl Alva

    I appreciate that this audio erotica site doesn’t rely on gender stereotypes. It’s refreshing to hear stories that explore different types of sexuality and attraction

  28. Anthony S

    Wish someone would do all these dirty things to me.

  29. VivStone95


  30. Glenys786

    I am wet and horny! Feels good..

  31. Sarah B

    This audio erotica site is perfect for anyone who’s curious about exploring their sexuality but isn’t sure where to start. The stories are non-judgmental and inclusive, and the narration is so engaging

  32. ClairedoesNY

    I listen to this (with my headphones on, obviously) while working in my office. I was blushing so much but it’s the risk of getting caught that makes it even more exciting, right 😉

  33. Ken2394

    I gifted this to my girlfriend. She loves these and has experienced an increase in libido. I am getting more sex, for sure. THANK YOU Steamyfy. I will definitely buy your future releases.

  34. Damon B

    I like this, but y’all need to add more products.

  35. Sheryl W

    omg!!! I can’t believe i went on for so long without this. 100/10 highly recommend, you dont know what you are missing without Steamyfy.

  36. Brenda583

    Discreet billing (which i loved). When i turned the first story on, my first response was interesting, which quickly changed to “Holy cow” which turned to “blissful”. I have never been so stimulated in my life. AND TRUST ME, i have tried everything.

  37. Leah Meomartini

    5 stars, I can’t say too much right now, hehe

  38. Allen M

    Does the job pretty well 😀

  39. Bryan S

    I see a lot of reviews from women here. BUT, let me tell you that as a man, I have experienced a huge increase in stimulation. I suffered from ED, and this has helped tremendously. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

  40. Anonymous

    Increased my confidence in bed, my partner loves that I am more vocal about what I like. Great tips and tricks from these audios. We are having so much more fun in the bedroom now.

  41. Hugh K

    I hve a very high libido so I am always finding new and interesting ways of stimulation. I have tried other platforms in the past but I was not impressed. Steamyfy’s content is definitely so much better. I think if you use this right, (i.e. use this to get in the mood before your big date), this has a lot of potential. I will buy their next set of products. I am a little disappointed that the content does not cover a lot of BDSM themes like chains or pouring molten wax. But pretty much every story has a great detail on oral sex, anal and its not vanilla by any means. A solid 4 stars, but my standards are extremely high

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